Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome - Tracking the Leehives

Welcome to My Leehive Ancestors which is an exercise in tracking and analyzing not just family history data gleaned through research, but specifically collateral and cluster genealogy research.

The goals of this blog via the posting of images, research findings, data transcriptions, source citations and the categorization of that data are:

  • develop a better understanding of data on the Leehive and Slattery families of Ulster County, New York
  • develop a method of tracking and analyzing data based on year, location, occupation and other categories in order to assist with analyzing the data
  • share information on the Leehive and Slattery families with other researchers
  • dangle the "cousin bait" out on the Internet to attract the attention of others who descend from John Leehive and Martin Slattery
  • share insights as to methodologies on better ways to visualize and analyze collateral and cluster genealogy data
You input and ideas are appreciated!  Please contact me at or leave a comment below.

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